CatchMop神奇除霉膏 2入組 Mold Remover 120mL

CatchMop神奇除霉膏 2入組 Mold Remover 120mL

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$438.00 TWD
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打開蓋子, 直接塗在發霉的瓷磚和矽膠之間的位置.
使用3~5小時後, 用水徹底沖洗。
請擦乾水跡後使用。如果有水, 效果會降低。
若位置面積較大, 請增加使用量和延長使用的時間.
如單次未能完全去除霉菌污漬, 使重覆使用2-3次.

請放在乾爽的室內地方, 避免兒童接觸。
使用時, 請戴上塑料手套或橡膠手套。
使用在部份物料上可能會變色, 請使用少量以測試該空間。
請立即用清水沖洗, 如果出現任何問題,請諮詢醫生。
不要使用在木材, 金屬, 織牆紙上。

名稱: 神奇除霉膏120mL
品牌: Catchmop
產地: 韓國
成分:水, 氫氧化鉀

備注: 所有圖片及資料只供作參考,產品圖片及描述與實物或有區別,產品外觀及細節均以實物及代理商提供為準。資料如有更改,恕不另行通知

●Mildew sterilization effect up to 99.9%
● Effectively remove difficult gaps and disintegrate
● Gel type is not easy to flow, more convenient to use
● Applicable to kitchens, bathrooms, etc. where mold is easy to mold

How to use:
* Open the lid and apply directly between the moldy tiles and the silicon area.
* After 3 ~ 5 hours of application, rinse thoroughly with water.
*Please wipe the water used to use. If there is water, the effect is reduced.
* If the area with mold is wide or deep, please increase the usage or extend the time to leave.
*Repeat 2-3 times if mold stains are not completely removed.

Precautions when using:
- Do not use it for other purposes
- Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. Store at room temperature so as not to reach children's hands.
- Wear plastic gloves or rubber gloves when using your job
- Do not mix with other cleaning agents.
- Please allow enough ventilation (harmful gas etc.)
- Iron, which is not apparel or coated, can be discolored. Please try using a small amount in the area of use.
- If it touches your skin or enters your eyes or mouth, rinse immediately with clean water and consult your doctor if anything goes wrong.
- Do not use it on wood, metal, textile wallpapers. Some imported tile bathtubs and special silicones may cause bottles or discoloration.

Product Information
Name: Magic Mold Remover Gel 120mL
Brand: Catchmop
Origin: South Korea
Ingredients: Water, Potassium Hydroxide

All pictures and materials are for reference only. The product pictures and descriptions are different from the actual ones. The appearance and details of the products are subject to the actual products and agents. Information is subject to change without notice.

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