THE LOEL 維他命C蓮蓬頭濾芯3入 / Vitamin C Filter 3 pcs. (TLV100-f3)

THE LOEL 維他命C蓮蓬頭濾芯3入 / Vitamin C Filter 3 pcs. (TLV100-f3)

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$688.00 TWD
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1. 韓國專利一體式維他命C複合濾芯
2. 已獲100%除氯認證
3. 濾除5µm鏽水及雜質等污染物
4. 易安裝,易更換濾
5. 維C滋潤肌膚和頭髮, 減少敏感
6. 純維他命C, 不含香料添加物
7. WAA世界過敏協會認證, 有效防過敏
8. 適用於TLV-50, TLV-100, TLV-200型號


品牌: The Loel
型號: TLV100-f3
產品組成: 濾芯 x 3
重量: 濾芯60g , 1 個
產品尺寸: 濾芯 - 高 128X 外徑26 (mm)
材質: 濾芯 (PP, 維他命C)
產地: 韓國
工作水壓 : 1~3 kgf /cm2

-請定期更換濾芯。 (一般建議濾芯使用1~2個月後更換, 根據地區水質差異有所不同。若明顯看出濾芯太髒或蓮蓬頭出水量突然變小時, 請更換濾芯。)

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1. Korean patented one-piece vitamin C composite filter element
2. Has obtained 100% chlorine removal certification
3. Filter out pollutants such as rust water and impurities above 5µmc
4. Easy to install, easy to replace the filter
5. Vitamin C moisturizes skin and hair, reducing sensitivity
6. Pure Vitamin C, No Fragrance Additives
7. WAA World Allergy Association certification, effective hypoallergenic
8. Suitable for TLV-50, TLV-100, TLV-200 models


Brand: The Loel
Model: TLV100-f3
Product composition: Filter x 3
Weight: filter cartridge 60g each
Product size: filter- height 128 x diameter 26 (mm)
Material: Filter Cartridge (PP, Vitamin C)
Origin: South Korea
Applicable water temperature: 5~50°C
Working water pressure: 1~3 kgf /cm2

-The best way to preserve the new filter is to store it in a packed container at -5 ° C and avoid contact with other food media.
-Please replace the filter element regularly. (It is generally recommended to replace the filter element after 1~2 months, depending on the water quality of the area. If it is obvious that the filter element is too dirty or the water output of the shower head suddenly becomes small, please replace the filter element.)

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